Pentax/Canon Dilemma

As some of you readers know, my primary focus is photography and of course bicycles. I recently have been frustrated at the lack of lenses available for Pentax of the higher quality variety. Another annoyance has been the shutter speed and frames per second that my camera can shoot (I currently own the Pentax K20D). For about a week I dove into research on Canon cameras, especially the 50D which would be the cheapest competitor to the Pentax K20D.

I was about to switch when I decided the Pentax glass I use is really nice, and I should try doing some more work with it until I can save up for a full frame and afford all of the lenses I would need at once. Turns out I am really picky with image quality and almost all of the glass I would accept in my camera bag is part of the Canon L series, which means over $1000. Anyhow, because of this I am going to keep my lenses, buy a couple more, sell some older ones and my laptop, and get some wedding gigs.

I feel I have made a good decision. I will spend the extra money I would have put toward switching over, toward getting my touring bike set up for riding the west coast from Portland to L.A. Picking up some new handlebars, brakes (for both bikes), brake levers, tires&tubes, etc. I will post pictures of the bike once it is all set up, and probably once I switch out the brakes and bars. Also, this way I will have a pretty good selection of glass to choose from on the tour, leading to some awesome pictures hopefully.

Here are some old photos I took around a year or so ago:

House in California
House in California
Road Trip to MN
Road Trip to MN #1
Road Trip to MN #2
Road Trip to MN #2

I think all three of these were taken with my old Pentax K100D, but possibly the K10D. Either way, my current camera has a better ISO performance, so there shouldn’t be an excuse as to why I am not doing more work. I will though start though, and am ordering two new lenses (maybe only one) to help me with a few gaps/limitations my current setup has.



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