Music Blog in Idea Mode

I know I don’t update this nearly as much as I should. This update though is definitely needed, if only to sort out some awesome ideas.

I will be starting a music blog unlike anything you seen hopefully. I have already purchased the domain and contacted companies I will be developing from (getting info on the API). So far the idea seems sound which is good considering this will be a music blog. There will be social aspects of the site that I haven’t decided if they should be integrated with facebook or not. If not, I surely don’t want to make my site dependent upon someone having an account offsite. The content will be pretty awesome hopefully, and I will probably contact some people who write for other music sites to do some writing on mine (even they will only do it to drive traffic to their site). I figure if I embrace the interwebs with the idea, that they will embrace me.

Music Blog Design

Site design will be started shortly after I get an email back from one of the companies a service will be provided by. If I don’t get an email that the first step will be creating a system from scratch to do what I would rather do through an API. It is still feasible regardless of what happens, which is nice. I can guarantee the site will at the very least intrigue. Being the visionary and developer has its perks, mostly when it comes to the lack of compromises that are made.