Author: Matt Sandy

Mount Lemmon, Tucson, Arizona.


This was taken on my trip down to Arizona this winter. My family and I drove up and watched the climate change over just a few miles. The saguaro disappeared and were replaced by long grasses, and eventually pine trees.

Minneapolis to Duluth


This was taken on a bicycle trip Sara and I took from Minneapolis to Duluth (and back) over the course of five days starting August 19th. We saw some great sites, got some great photos, and most importantly saw a giant rubber duck.

Find Minimum Distance Between List of Points


This is a neat little call I whipped up that returns the two x and y points from a list which have the shortest distance. It also returns the distance between those two points.

Pretty weird solution right? Seems to work though!

Reddit Account Ages

This is the data which resulted from scraping the top 1,000 “hot” posts from various subreddits. As you can see, the_donald posts originate heavily from new accounts. You could explain the discrepancy as “political season”, but SandersForPresident doesn’t seem to have that issue. Reddit was predominately left beforehand, but then you have to wonder why people are starting to gravitate toward reddit for their pro-trump discussions.

Seems like something is up. An explanation given by a pro-trump person was “conservatives get banned”, but they sure don’t get banned from the_donald, and it is against policy to create new accounts to access subreddits you have been banned from. Heck, when the_donald banned me they explicitly stated that. Anyhow, enjoy.

The Gas Tax Myth

ODOT Revenue

Whipped this up based on the 2011-2013 ODOT data because someone was complaining about cyclists not paying the gas tax where they lived (Portland). Whelp, taking into account the damage (1/9,600 the damage of a car, and roads cost a pretty penny to repair) and that many cyclists have cars if not at least a license, (89%) it is clear that cyclists subsidize motorists. Oh yeah, pollution. It is 2016, can we stop hating cyclists?

Flatten Data in R by Column Values


Not sure if this will help anyone, but I recently wrote a script that will let you flatten/widen a data set based on a dynamically set column name.

Animal Instances Instances Instances Instances
Puppy 47 77 97 25
Puppy 26 6 14 98
Kitten 38 50 5 73
Puppy 83 61 43 4
Kitten 78 30 57 8

…would turn into this

V1 V2 V3 V4 V5 V6 V7 V8 V9 V10 V11 V12
Puppy 47 77 97 25 26 6 14 98 83 61 43 4
Kitten 38 50 5 73 78 30 57 8