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Verona and Venice were both checked off on August 5th. I can’t believe how long it has taken me to get around to writing the rest of these posts. Anyhow…

We pulled into Verona pretty early in the morning and made it mostly a quick stop. We did see a lot in that short time though, including Juliet’s Balcony as well as some street performers.

Juliet's Balcony

Couple Under Juliet’s Balcony

I was pretty stoked for the above photo. There is a couple standing under Juliet’s Balcony with the wall of locks in the foreground.

Wall of Locks

Wall of Locks

Sooo many locks! Both of the above shots were on my Pentax K1000 film camera. I think the film loaded was Ektar 100. Obviously some processing on the top image.

Oh, on the way to Juliet’s Balcony there was a tunnel with names written down which was also neat. Everyone is welcome to write their names down as well.

Tunnel of Names

Tunnel of Names

There was definitely a lot of people who came before. I loved the giant heart in the bottom left, and absolutely had to take a photo.

While walking around more in the main square there were some street performers setting up. Only one was completely ready, we must have been before the rush.

Street Performer

Street Performer in Verona

The performer used dolls and some weird contraption to hold everything together. The final piece looked cool though.

I also saw a bike that looked fully loaded for touring.

Bicycle Touring in Verona

Bicycle Touring in Verona

Strange helmets in Europe, and look at all of those water bottles! I am a little surprised to see a saddle that isn’t a Brooks to be honest, never talked to the owner.

The open market had some delicious fresh cut fruits. I looked for the one that was mostly pineapple and scavenged some more from people who didn’t like all of the fruit they got in their cups. Exploring foreign lands with fresh fruit in hand was amazing.

Coffee For One - Verona #1

Coffee For One – Verona #1

There seemed to be quite a few people just doing their own thing in Verona when we were there, and I think that is in part because the time of day.

Coffee For One - Verona #2

Coffee For One – Verona #2

The other big tourist attraction in Verona is the shops. Soooo many shops, and that area was by far the busiest.

Verona Shops

Verona Shops

Crazy the difference in numbers a few shops makes, isn’t it? On the way out I stopped for a drink in a very fancy looking drinking fountain.

Drinking Fountain

Drinking Fountain in Verona

Yep, there is me! I swear I didn’t fail as bad as it looks while trying to get a drink. I might revisit to add a few more photos and better descriptions once I get more days typed out.

Everything Stolen

Welp, my Macbook Air, and a whole bunch of other stuff has been stolen. Doesn’t look like the cops or Apple is going to really do anything, so I thought I would post my serial number here in case someone stumbles across a possible stolen laptop and is inclined to google the serial…┬áC2QH806PDTK0

Other than that, my trip to Chicago was awesome. I will post some photos later this week.

Out with the Netbook, In with the Macbook

As some of you know, I have been working from a $300 netbook for the past year whenever I travel. The netbook is fine for editing text and checking email, but falls short when trying to handle anything more. Luckily I can code most things without the help of an IDE, but coding an image pixel by pixel can be difficult to say the least. Well, I finally gave in a put a Macbook Air on my credit card. Having more pixels on the screen at once is also incredibly nice, and the full-screen function built into Lion comes in handy.

I can also finally have Spotify play in the background while I hop into an IDE or Photoshop for design. I will post an image of the new layout I am working on for a client once finished. What better way to commemorate getting a new laptop made by a company known for design, than to design a website? I think I should have some good rough drafts done tomorrow actually. Sunny really helped me out with the logo. Even her rough drafts are better than what I could have come up with, haha.

Once I get all of my FTP servers set up on here I will update my plugins to include some of my routes that I have been riding while back in Phoenix. I found an interesting route that goes by the “hip” parts of both Tempe and Phoenix, which means awesome hip food at both stops for fuel. Having a laptop that can actually handle a web-based editing interface also means I should be updating this more often, but only time will tell.

South Mountain Updates

This is a long overdue post. I am visiting Phoenix, and have been for a while now. I spent Christmas, New Years, and today down here. This was the first Christmas without Grandma, and it was the white elephant in the room for quite a while. Not going into sad things here, because why leave something sad to look back on later?

New Year’s Eve was fun. Ash invited me to something in Tempe at a place called The Compound. It felt like a more organized house show, without completely wasted people included. I saw one guy repeatedly falling over, but there was good music, including a band called North Dakota. Two people kissed me on the cheek, one person I knew and one stranger and then I went to sleep at Ash’s to avoid navigating the drunk drivers who would certainly be flooding the streets. I am glad I finished up the Battlestar Galactica finale before New Year’s Eve… I don’t think I would have wanted to stay inside.

The Trunkspace has had a couple fun shows since I have been down here, including a Kepi show that I brought my little brother to. Speaking of him, I picked up a new cartridge/holder for my old turntable I left down here and got that all fixed up for him. I also picked up a few records I will be leaving down here for him. One is the red Beatles compilation album which was a pretty good find, and one is Roar’s 7″. Once I leave I am sure he will enjoy them more, as the setup is in the room I am staying in at my mom’s.

There definitely has been a lot I should have been updating with, but I think having to update from my netbook makes me less inclined, as the screen is so small and the processor is pretty slow. I think I should be upgrading my laptop. I have some money saved up, but I don’t know if I want to spend the money on a laptop considering I wouldn’t be using it nearly as much once I get back to my desktop in Minneapolis, unless of course I start developing iPhone apps… which could be fun. Something I should think about.

I also rode up most of South Mountain yesterday. That was fun, but soooo many cars and so many bends around the mountain that could hide my position on the road. I was hoping today was Silent Sunday for South Mountain, where only non-motorists are allowed. Turns out that was last Sunday, and it won’t be again until February 26th, and I don’t know if I will even still be here, haha. I did grab some photos I am really happy with though. I will be posting them in my next entry.

On a Bike, Down by the River!

I took some photos for Sunny because she wanted to see what Minneapolis looked like this time of year. Looks like spring still has a ways to go to get Minneapolis ready for summer.

toy block graffiti

Toy Block Graffiti

The City

The City

Trite Log in the River Photo

Trite Log in the River Photo

I definitely had fun getting out of the apartment. Thank you Sunny for giving me a reason to go take some photos.