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Hugo, MN


Dropping off some film tomorrow, but in the meantime here is a phone pic from this week along the Sunset Prairie Trial.

Breaks a vector into defined segment lengths

Another gist written for stack overflow. This breaks up a vector defined lengths and accounts for the remainder size. Great for splitting up a vector for saving into different files. It is a loop, but any performance issues should be minimal and increases readability/extendability.

Find Patterns in R Vector

Wrote this while providing a solution on Stack Overflow. Figured it might actually come in handy so I saved it. Not the most elegant, and not vectorized, but it might be useful to others as well.

Man with Harmonica

As I was walking back to my bike parked at The Nicollet Diner I heard someone playing harmonica. Having not much film left on the roll I was shooting I decided to only take one photo, this photo of the man in the window playing his harmonica.

Montana Sunset

As my brother and I drove back to Rollins from Kalispell, this place looked too good not to stop. The view was incredible, and watching the sunset made me see why my brother loves this place.

Power Cable Coming Tomorrow

I misplaced my power cable form my film scanner, but have a universal power cable coming in the mail tomorrow that should work (and hopefully not fry my scanner). That means more film posts coming soon!