New Site on the Way

I am in the process of creating a new site similar to the site for collectible glass I made. This site’s focus will be letting anyone sell their product online, and the traffic/rankings will be delivered as the overflow from the people coming to the site for regular collectibles. The store system will be based on Magento, a suprisingly powerful system. I am working on importing all of the products from the last site which has become a chore, but is almost complete.

I was working on a mockup for a potential client. They did auditorium seating installation, but I won’t say anything more. I did want to share the mockup I created though, as I am fond of the design. It was a work in progess of course, but I was pretty happy with the direction I had going.

Auditorium Installation Company
Auditorium Installation Company

I do like the design, so I might try to use it for a pet project down the road. Maybe another game site or potentially a Minnesota news site. Take care readers.

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