Another New Design

I decided to overhaul my wordpress theme, and I think I finally am on track to having this theme look the way I want. I did a complete redesign in photoshop and scrapped the original stylesheet. I definately like the feel of Twin City Designs better now. It took me about a day to implement the design into a wordpress theme, and the time was worth it.

There are a few elements I will be changing in the future, the navigation being one. The navigation at the bottom is fine for my shorter posts, but the main index page and the longer posts with photographs make it difficult to find the navigation right away. At least that is how I feel. Spring is here, so I will be posting more and more photographs, as well as be posting about more adventures once I get my bicycle back into shape.  There is a problem with my bottom bracket, so I need to bring it in and see if they can salvage the bottom bracket or if I will need to get it replaced. It lasted me a while, especially considering how hard I am on the bike. I did ride it through winter after all.

I think that is everything for now, take care.

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