Archive: July 2010


I haven’t updated in a while, but I should be keeping track of my life more. Meghan (now ex) cheated on me June 13th. The date is easy to recall, because it happened the night we got back from seeing The Mountain Goats in Iowa. I found out a week or so later, was pretty pissed and still am. Realizing someone is not a good person helps you get over them though, so that is a good thing. It is amazing how selfish people can be, especially after you give them everything and support them for a fucking year. Oh yeah, I have been using obscenities more, as I figure they fit well in my current situation.

I have been planning a bike ride, but need to get some work out of the way before I leave. My coastal tour has been canceled though, Meghan ruined that for me as well by not helping me save… and actually draining me by not helping with rent or groceries for basically the last year. I will still ride my bike though, and coastal tour next year I suppose. Hopefully around the 7th I will leave for Chicago, and then from Chicago I will head to Boulder and Denver for a couple days and then off to Flagstaff and Phoenix. I got sick which put me behind with work. Oh, I got sick because I let Meghan spend the night on the couch while she was sick and had no where else to go (so she says). I basically was used for a year and a half… and I hate myself for letting that happen.

Anyhow, here is a photo I took a day or two ago with my new point and shoot that I hope to use for my bike trip…

wooden staircase
wooden staircase

Canon has some weird processing to jpegs, but I am working around it.