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Laura Stevenson and the Cans

The amazing band Laura Stevenson and the Cans played a show at The Trunkspace this past Monday. I was running late getting there so my mom ended up taking me and my bike, which actually made me early. I got a chance to talk to Laura for a little bit and she is super nice. I also got a chance to talk to a couple others after the show and they are going to be glad to get back to New York. They have been on tour for five months, and I can’t even imagine that.

The first band to play was Little Ships, and of course they announced themselves by saying, “We are Little Ships”. I had to laugh, and so did a few others. Brian went back to the mike to make it known they were not little turds. The band consists of just a guitar and cello, which make them another band to show to my little brother.

Anyhow, I promised Carlos I would get the photo of him playing banjo for Laura Stevenson and the Cans up this weekend, which made me think I should try to get all of the photos up today… that won’t happen, so here are the two I do have ready…

Carlos being a badass
Carlos being a badass

I really like how the photo of Carlos came out… seriously awesome. By the way Carlos, if you want the non edited version, just let me know and I can send it over. I just thought this one looked immensely more cool.

Laura Stevenson
Laura Stevenson

I really like this photo of Laura. Yes, I know this look is cliche for some, but it really makes a photo feel more like a memory. Also, it hides some of the lameness of the original photo. I am only shooting from a point and shoot while down here, so need to find some way to compensate for no external lighting or ability to change the depth of field.

Numeric equivalent of an Excel column name

I wrote this little php function to see how small I could make the code. I think I did pretty well and figured I would post it here as to not forget in case I needed to actually use it some day. There might be a better way, but I had some fun with this.

function b($b){$l=strlen($b);while($i<$l){$c+=(base_convert($b[$i],36,10)-9)*pow(26,$l-1-$i);$i++;}return $c;}

Up Late

I have realized writing at night isn’t my strong suite, so this is me working on correcting my poor night-owl writing skills. I figured this would be a good time to write about my day with Norman.

We finally saw Scott Pilgrim vs. the World which was AMAZING! Before the movie went over to Green to pick up some delicious food and soynamis. We ran into a couple people Norman knew who we shared a table with for our meals. Rewind just a bit more and I biked over 12 miles in 103F weather with only one stop at a Jamba Juice because I am a badass. I did however get a headache from the combination of sugar and ridiculous temperatures, so my ride home was not nearly as fun. Here is why I suck at writing this late, my mind jumps around…

So after we saw that amazing movie we saw, we headed over to see on of Norman’s friends who is a certified bartender which I think Norman is happy about. We sat around, looked up youtube videos, and thought of ways to convert plain, boring, fountains into illuminated ones. We ended up deciding that would be too hard as not all of the chemicals work well with water. That would have been epic though. The one downer is Norman and I saw a lady rear end a truck and then drive off. I let the driver know when he came out that some lady rear ended him, and gave the best description I could as well as a partial plate. I can’t believe some people sometimes. Anyhow, the ride home started at around 1:30am and by 2:30 I was home and wanting to just go to bed. I ended up leaving my lemonade in my bag because I just couldn’t deal with putting it in the fridge.

Awesome friends, awesome movie, intense 25 miles of riding. Also, pumpkin jamba juices are back.

Fyf Fest

So it turns out I suck at updating. I haven’t reread my last entry, but I ended up not having a broken wrist which was good. Not sure if that was in there or not. I also went to Fyf Fest with Norman which was pretty awesome. I got a chance to see John Darnielle without any Debbie Downers which made things a heck of a lot better. I also saw some other hipster bands like The Blow and whatever else kids these days are listening to. The girl from The Blow looks really weathered from her breakup. She looks pretty sad, and a little crazy.

I got a chance to see Fran and Ryan who recently moved from Phoenix to Santa Monica. They seem to be doing well in their new life they carved for themselves. I didn’t get a chance to see where they are staying, but maybe next time out there. I do hope to take a ride back before I head to Minneapolis to get things ready for yet another trip back down to Phoenix.

Fran and Ryan were pretty hard to find, especially because the cell towers were getting hammered by the hipsters updating their twitters and the like for the show. Roughly 9 in 10 calls/texts were dropped making it hard when our group got separated. Fran brought one of her friends, Sunny, to the show who seemed really nice and does freelance design work. All in all our group consisted of Norman, Norman’s cousin, Fran, Ryan, Sunny and myself… so many combinations of  “getting lost potential”. Amusingly, Ryan seemed to be the only one really getting lost.