Best Week Ever

Story time for future Matt. On the 15th of this month I headed to California to see about a girl.

While at Fyf Fest Fran introduced someone named Sunshine in a pleasantly diabolical scheme to provide me with a reason to move to California. She did freelance design work and had a sweet smile. It seems Fran knew of my weaknesses; her plan was set in motion.

Now it is the 15th and I am at the Greyhound station. First step in seeing Sunny again. The bus got in late, so Fran and Ryan let me stay with them. Fran, of course, was laughing maniacally. In the morning I set out toward my final destination, but not before grabbing breakfast with Fran and Ryan. Journeys are fueled by French toast and milkshakes after all.

Sunny met me near the strain station with Pippi, her dog. It was an adorable sight, seeing her walk up that way… and was the perfect start for the best week ever. The days blended together… with cuddles, conversations,  and short walks. Her friends and family came over for her birthday, and anyone can tell they all love her. Waking up to a smile from someone you have completely fallen for is wonderful.


There is a lot more to this story, as with most good tales. Regardless of where the story ends, I am happy for any part existing.

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