Norman’s Visit

Norman arrived on the 3rd and I totally forgot to take photos when he came up to Minneapolis for a visit, but we did have a chance to look through some old photos of Phoenix from back in the day. He was able to take a look at the grad program offered by Minnesota State University as well as ride bikes around to get a better feel for the city. We ended up going through the sculpture garden, and then riding our bikes through a parking garage that has eight floors and a great view. Definitely a great spot to look out and watch time pass.

Living close to the lightrail which goes directly to the airport sure makes running and coming back pretty simple. I did however come back to a permanently closed Jamba Juice in downtown which is sad. That was part of the reason I loved this location. I found out it was closed when Norman and I tried to meet up there after he had breakfast with a professor. After grabbing some food at Caribou Coffee we headed off on our quest for post cards. The Walker was our next destination, and after asking for help and playing with a typeface game we found some for Norman to mail off. Next stop, the lakes.

Nothing was really going on at Lake of the Isles or Lake Calhoun, but there was some interesting playground equipment to climb and some windsurfers to watch. We rode around the greenway for a while as well and stopped off for some shopping at Lund’s. Basically we just went for the peanut brittle and chai, but I think puppy chow and chai would have been a better combination. Either way, everything was delicious though. Finally having some food in us we head to MORE FOOD! Chipotle was nearby so we stuffed ourselves until we couldn’t ride in a straight line and headed back to the apartment for the night.

Sunday he left, but not before we went to The Bad Waitress for an awesome breakfast. No photos this time… I think because I am still trying to get settled into this place again.

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