Music, Friends, and California

I took another trip to California, this time with Norman. It was a pretty crazy day hours. We left at midnight, got to Sunny’s around 6 hours later, left her place, and then ended up Morgan’s by the end of the day. I think exhaustion hit Norman and I pretty bad, because we ended up crashing pretty early that night.

When we woke up we got to take a look at Morgan’s new place in Oakland. He lives in a pretty neat area where everything is close. We all hopped on bikes and road around Oakland for a while as well as found some extremely delicious bread and sweets. Oakland definitely gets a bad reputation, but it also offers up a nice atmosphere. There was even a pizza place that had absolutely delicious vegan pizza, and didn’t seem to mind me getting my work done from my laptop.

I might have these days out of order, but New Year’s Eve Norman, Sunny, and I just stayed around Oakland because the Bart plus drunk people on New Year’s Eve seemed not nearly as fun as just hanging out around the city. Norman went to a bar and picked up an $8 drink, which I totally called the price on. Norman and I beg to differ who fell asleep earlier that night, but I think I did.

The following morning Morgan and Norman took off to Petaluma and left Sunny and I to sleep in. When we got up, Sunny and I ventured off to find some food. Most places were closed, but there is always a 24 hour donut shop around when you are in California. They had decent donuts, but terrible peanut butter cookies. We also eventually found a place that served real food, and even a variety of dishes. The morning walk through the hills and neighborhood was beautiful, and Sunny made it even better. I am really glad she could come with us.

That night Morgan, Norman, Sunny, and I all headed to a Kepi Ghoulie show. It was pretty far away, in Stockton at the Plea for Peace that Mike Park started up. We got there not too far into the show and immediately realized how we were quite a bit older. The venue felt like a dressed up version of Skateland as a venue, minus the rink. I liked it, and definitely wish there were more community music/art centers for kids that are a bit older. Oh man, and I literally pushed Norman into a girl and told the girl Norman would really like it if she danced with him. I was hoping it would lead to more than it did, but either way, I tried.

We left the morning after the show, but not before trying to stop for a milkshake. As it turns out, the internet lied to and the coffee shop didn’t actually serve milkshakes. Oh well. The drive back was absolutely beautiful; filled with misty, snowcapped mountains, the scenery was absolutely surreal at times. My camera died pretty early on, and it was too dark to get a good photo without stopping… so you will just have to use your imagination. The snow led to some issues though, and the I5 ended up being closed for a pretty large stretch. I think it took us around 11 hours to do a 6 hour drive back to Sunny’s, and then Norman had another 40 minute drive to his grandma’s from there. Soooooooo much driving. I really can’t wait for high speed trains from Phoenix to LA.

I stayed with Sunny about a week after Norman left and most of that time was spent working unfortunately. We did get to check out a pretty nifty Vegan place that felt like a fancier version of Green, but still with that comfortable, friendly, feeling. Fran actually brought us there on her Anniversary, but Ryan couldn’t make it because he was working late. Fran, Sunny, and I did end up meeting up with Ryan later at a really neat coffee shop that I didn’t even know was right next to a magazine/book store that I have been to before. Ryan was sweet and brought Fran flowers and a bottle of wine, which the barista followed him for to make sure he wasn’t going to drink it at the coffee shop. Shortly after we headed back to Fran and Ryan’s place and then off to the subway to get back to Sunny’s. Fran and Ryan ended up going to dinner around the same time, so they ended up walking us to the subway station where we found a GIANT poster along the way. I was hoping to snag it, but then I saw absolutely no way.

Also, I got Sunny to see Scott Pilgrim vs The World with me, which made me happy. Such a good movie that pokes fun at the audience in an awesome way. My favorite line of that movie has to be “…the comic is totally better than the movie”. There is a bunch of stuff I probably didn’t even get to, but it is late and I needed to write this before yet another day passes without an update.

Side Notes:

  • scripts for are almost finished
  • I am grabbing new tubes for the bike tomorrow
  • I am likely playing too much xbox right now
  • I love Special K bars a lot!
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