I thought I would be updating this more, but I have been incredibly busy with work, but I think most of the stress is finally tapering off. Today I deposited the first check of my new raise, and am typing this entry out while listening to The Sunset Tree by The Mountain Goats on my new headphones. I decided I should reward myself, and these listening to these headphones is a real treat. I still need to break them in a bit, but from the first song I knew I would have no buyer’s remorse.

I will start with this weekend, and the server switch over. There has been an issue with the server turning off sometimes randomly, but usually while under a heavy load. We finally decided to get a new server because the issues started showing themselves in higher frequencies. Not having the time find a server to be shipped I just had them pick up a desktop from Best Buy and started configuring the computer as a server.

The first major issue that wasn’t transfered over from the last server was McAfee blocking remote desktop connections from outside the network but not inside even when changing the firewall through the command prompt. Yeah, screw you McAfee for making me waste an hour by having me drive back to uninstall McAfee before I could do my work remotely. Second major problem was the hard drive with the database had bad sectors that Windows decided it should delete upon restart… thank you Windows… but I really needed those files. After finding a recovery tool I copied parts from the backup I made (on the same drive unfortunately) and the original and pieced them together making a complete database. After that, the rest was easy and just a few “duh” moments like the timezone set in the php.ini file and whatnot.

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I fixed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So now all of the major issues are out of the way, and I am able to sit back, listen to music, and update my future self on what happened this weekend.

I should be heading back to Minneapolis the weekend after the next. I am staying a little longer so I can see a couple shows and spend some time with Fran and Ryan when they come down from California. It is nice being able to work from anywhere, and I think once I upgrade from this netbook I will appreciate not being tethered even more. I am wrapping this post up early so I can catch Castle tonight. The Mountain Goats have successfully guided me through this post, so thank you John Darnielle.

Here is a photo from my last California trip.

California Sunset
California Sunset
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