Warm Weather

The warm weather has returned to Minneapolis and brought with some definite smiles. The people I have seen while out biking seem happier, and I can see why. The snow has become just a memory and the skies have only allowed for rain to fall. I have still been a bit cooped up writing code and restructuring databases, but I try to find reasons to get out of my apartment at least once a day. Even today’s ride down to Chipotle was nicer than usual. Shorts and t-shirt weather for sure. Today was the first day I actually sat outside for lunch. I also had a chance to test out my new shorts I picked up from REI.

Norman will be visiting next month, so I will likely have some more updates then with life, the universe, and everything. For now I just thought I should document the momentous day. Oh yeah, I also reversed engineered bandcamp.com in a single night and am able to download any full length album properly tagged just by entering the bandcamp into my special url. The winter is wrapping up and so is this blog post.

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