The Mountain Goats at The Varsity

Tuesdays are looking to be good show dates. Last Tuesday I went to see The Mountain Goats with my friends Danaca and Levi which was pretty awesome. The band Communist Daughter opened up for them and I ended up really liking them. They were not at all what I expected. This Tuesday I will be seeing Against Me!, which will be good even if they only play a few of their older songs. The last time I saw them was with Andrew Jackson Jihad in Arizona where AJJ was double booked and actually played both shows. I doubt this time will be nearly as great, but good music is like good pizza. Even when it is bad it is still pretty good.

I have been doing pretty well getting myself ready for the trip up to Brainerd, MN. I can do 40 miles pretty easily and way under 3 hours. Thursday night after work I went for a 40 mile ride, and yesterday I went for one as well… so far so good. I had to replace my rear tire though as it basically became shredded after one of the 40 mile rides, much of it through gravel. I am thinking about doing the same for the front as a precaution, but it is only 140 miles up to Brainerd, which isn’t really THAT far. Anyhow, here is a photo from the Saturday ride.

Luce Line back to Minneapolis
Luce Line back to Minneapolis

It was also nice to find out the GPS does work in rain. I had a chance to test that out thoroughly.

Anyhow, in other news I also have a bike trailer and a new office chair thanks to my boss. Already made two trips with the bike trailer. One was to pick up the office chair and the other to grab a million groceries. Loads of soda (12 pack of Barq’s Root Beer, 2x 6 pack of Sanpellegrino), orange juice, grape juice, chocolate cake, pretzels, pasta, gushers, and a bunch of other stuff fit great. Ah, summer.

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