4th of July

Leading up to the 4th of July I was doing a 40 mile ride every other night so I could build some endurance for what would be a 130 mile ride from Minneapolis to Brainerd. I found a pretty nice path that goes along the greenway and then up through Wayzata and comes back into Minneapolis through the Luce Line trail. I got lost the first couple times but have the system down pat now. Minneapolis has a crazy amount of bike paths which is really nice.

I planned to be out the door by 6am on the 25th, but I should have known I wasn’t going to be heading out until after 8am. I am not a morning person. I packed hastily and ended up forgetting a couple things, iincluding my camera unfortunately. I ended up making pretty great time and averaged over 15mph for the trip which put me in St. Cloud (80 miles in) at around 4pm after getting lost and making stops for eating and whatnot. I had some great pizza at the place across the street and took a nice long bath. I am so thankful for whoever decided hot water in a bath was a good idea.

The next day was pretty simple, just straight up North. Around 40 miles into the ride my mom calls me and says the rooms aren’t availbile yet and they want to pick me up to see me. I am only 20 miles outside of Brainerd at this point, haha. I tell her to head down the highway and I will head into Brainerd and we will see each other as the highway is pretty small. Well, she got lost and I figured I would have passed her already so gave her a call after 10 miles and decided it would be best to just wait where I was (50 mile mark). We eventually find each other and I throw the bike in the trunk and we (mom, brother, and I) head to the hotel.

Once we get in we start having lake adventures almost right away including a water trampoline, water skiing, tubing, and hanging out on a boat and pontoon. I got ridiculously sunburned, we lit off fireworks, and it was nice to see everyone again. It was also nice to be back in my apartment after the 4th. I threw my bike in the car for the ride back because I was already sunburned, and I made it up which was good enough for me. We spent the 4th watching the fireworks on the lawn of the resort we transferred to after a couple days up North and they always put on a good fireworks show. Between work and family every second was packed, so when I got back I took a week off from biking and just worked and rested.

These are the only decent photos I got, and it is from the old iphone 3G which has a pretty lackluster camera and took some editing.

green vegetation
At the Lake
At the Lake
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