Old Seattle Photos

I was going through my old photos and stumbled across the ones I took while in Seattle. I decided to try my hand at editing them again, as it has been around 4 years and my post-processing skills have hopefully gotten a little better. The first one is a heavy crop from a 6mp camera (inside a car). It isn’t the best shot I have taken, but it goes with the set.

Pike's Market
Pike's Market (Public Market before Place and the clock were added)

I absolutely love this one of Mckenzie from the Dandilion Junk Queens. I saw her the first day but didn’t have time to snap a photo. The next day I went back to Pike’s Market and saw her getting coffee. I asked about her playing later and she gave me a time and place as well as the okay to take photos. I later found out who she was through Sean and Ben from Andrew Jackson Jihad.

Mckenzie from Dandelion Junk Queens

This last one I absolutely love as well. I didn’t catch his name, but I caught a lot of shots from different angles. This is one of the better I think.

Man with Guitar
Man with Guitar

Going through my old photos makes me really want to start just taking photos every day. I have taken a few recently that I will probably upload later this week… once I make sure this piece of software I have been writing is fully functional.

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