South Mountain Updates

This is a long overdue post. I am visiting Phoenix, and have been for a while now. I spent Christmas, New Years, and today down here. This was the first Christmas without Grandma, and it was the white elephant in the room for quite a while. Not going into sad things here, because why leave something sad to look back on later?

New Year’s Eve was fun. Ash invited me to something in Tempe at a place called The Compound. It felt like a more organized house show, without completely wasted people included. I saw one guy repeatedly falling over, but there was good music, including a band called North Dakota. Two people kissed me on the cheek, one person I knew and one stranger and then I went to sleep at Ash’s to avoid navigating the drunk drivers who would certainly be flooding the streets. I am glad I finished up the Battlestar Galactica finale before New Year’s Eve… I don’t think I would have wanted to stay inside.

The Trunkspace has had a couple fun shows since I have been down here, including a Kepi show that I brought my little brother to. Speaking of him, I picked up a new cartridge/holder for my old turntable I left down here and got that all fixed up for him. I also picked up a few records I will be leaving down here for him. One is the red Beatles compilation album which was a pretty good find, and one is Roar’s 7″. Once I leave I am sure he will enjoy them more, as the setup is in the room I am staying in at my mom’s.

There definitely has been a lot I should have been updating with, but I think having to update from my netbook makes me less inclined, as the screen is so small and the processor is pretty slow. I think I should be upgrading my laptop. I have some money saved up, but I don’t know if I want to spend the money on a laptop considering I wouldn’t be using it nearly as much once I get back to my desktop in Minneapolis, unless of course I start developing iPhone apps… which could be fun. Something I should think about.

I also rode up most of South Mountain yesterday. That was fun, but soooo many cars and so many bends around the mountain that could hide my position on the road. I was hoping today was Silent Sunday for South Mountain, where only non-motorists are allowed. Turns out that was last Sunday, and it won’t be again until February 26th, and I don’t know if I will even still be here, haha. I did grab some photos I am really happy with though. I will be posting them in my next entry.

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