Out with the Netbook, In with the Macbook

As some of you know, I have been working from a $300 netbook for the past year whenever I travel. The netbook is fine for editing text and checking email, but falls short when trying to handle anything more. Luckily I can code most things without the help of an IDE, but coding an image pixel by pixel can be difficult to say the least. Well, I finally gave in a put a Macbook Air on my credit card. Having more pixels on the screen at once is also incredibly nice, and the full-screen function built into Lion comes in handy.

I can also finally have Spotify play in the background while I hop into an IDE or Photoshop for design. I will post an image of the new layout I am working on for a client once finished. What better way to commemorate getting a new laptop made by a company known for design, than to design a website? I think I should have some good rough drafts done tomorrow actually. Sunny really helped me out with the logo. Even her rough drafts are better than what I could have come up with, haha.

Once I get all of my FTP servers set up on here I will update my plugins to include some of my routes that I have been riding while back in Phoenix. I found an interesting route that goes by the “hip” parts of both Tempe and Phoenix, which means awesome hip food at both stops for fuel. Having a laptop that can actually handle a web-based editing interface also means I should be updating this more often, but only time will tell.

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