Adventure Time in Europe

Another long time without an update. This post has been a while in the making. I wasn’t sure even where to begin.

Paris (layover), Germany, Austria, Italy, and Switzerland. 

I was hoping to write daily entries, but internet access and time made that difficult.

August 1st. 

Threw some clothes in a suitcase and headed to Munich. Listened to some music, talked to a flight attendant that reminded me of an old coworker. I was told I am hilarious and ridiculous.

August 2nd.

Arrival in Paris. Confused.

I have no idea what I am doing

Took me a while to go through customs/security; my antiquated film confused them. After getting my bearings I grabbed myself a chocolate croissant and an Orangina thinking I had plenty of time. Turns out I confused my departure time from Paris with my arrival time in Munich. Whoops. Arrived at my gate as they were boarding though, because I have some crazy luck sometimes. An hour or so later and I am sitting pretty in Munich. Well, pretty disheveled actually.

Now time to grab my bags, and hop to the next adventure. Wait… where is my bag? Air France lost my bag! Well, at least I can talk to someone about this, right? Haha, nope. Thankfully I found some people who could translate, and eventually found out my bag would arrive “later that day”. Off to find the tour guide, but everyone already left to the hotel, haha. Oh well.

Taxi pulled up to the curb and I yelled absolutely nothing because I was exhausted (Fresh Prince of Bell Air reference). The tour guide is FANTASTIC though, puts me at ease, and we have a lovely group introduction. I hear “bike tour” and my ears perk up. Bike tour around Germany sounds like a wonderful idea.

Ingo the tour guide
Odin goes splat! That is how I remembered the exit.

So now that we found our meeting spot, it is time to hop on some bicycles!

Just me, hanging out in a local surf canal.
Beautiful Sunlight

We ended up biking to a local manmade surf spot which was incredible.

English Garden, Munich, Germany

After some went on a swim, we grabbed something to drink (I got delicious soda).

The crew on the group ride

After the ride we all headed back to meet up with the people who chose to explore on foot. We all headed back, some went out, and I went to sleep. So exhausting, in the best way possible. I will be posting more tomorrow.

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