Verona and Venice were both checked off on August 5th. I can’t believe how long it has taken me to get around to writing the rest of these posts. Anyhow…

We pulled into Verona pretty early in the morning and made it mostly a quick stop. We did see a lot in that short time though, including Juliet’s Balcony as well as some street performers.

Juliet's Balcony
Couple Under Juliet’s Balcony

I was pretty stoked for the above photo. There is a couple standing under Juliet’s Balcony with the wall of locks in the foreground.

Wall of Locks
Wall of Locks

Sooo many locks! Both of the above shots were on my Pentax K1000 film camera. I think the film loaded was Ektar 100. Obviously some processing on the top image.

Oh, on the way to Juliet’s Balcony there was a tunnel with names written down which was also neat. Everyone is welcome to write their names down as well.

Tunnel of Names
Tunnel of Names

There was definitely a lot of people who came before. I loved the giant heart in the bottom left, and absolutely had to take a photo.

While walking around more in the main square there were some street performers setting up. Only one was completely ready, we must have been before the rush.

Street Performer
Street Performer in Verona

The performer used dolls and some weird contraption to hold everything together. The final piece looked cool though.

I also saw a bike that looked fully loaded for touring.

Bicycle Touring in Verona
Bicycle Touring in Verona

Strange helmets in Europe, and look at all of those water bottles! I am a little surprised to see a saddle that isn’t a Brooks to be honest, never talked to the owner.

The open market had some delicious fresh cut fruits. I looked for the one that was mostly pineapple and scavenged some more from people who didn’t like all of the fruit they got in their cups. Exploring foreign lands with fresh fruit in hand was amazing.

Coffee For One - Verona #1
Coffee For One – Verona #1

There seemed to be quite a few people just doing their own thing in Verona when we were there, and I think that is in part because the time of day.

Coffee For One - Verona #2
Coffee For One – Verona #2

The other big tourist attraction in Verona is the shops. Soooo many shops, and that area was by far the busiest.

Verona Shops
Verona Shops

Crazy the difference in numbers a few shops makes, isn’t it? On the way out I stopped for a drink in a very fancy looking drinking fountain.

Drinking Fountain
Drinking Fountain in Verona

Yep, there is me! I swear I didn’t fail as bad as it looks while trying to get a drink. I might revisit to add a few more photos and better descriptions once I get more days typed out.

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