New Camera (Sony A7RII)

Found a great deal on a used Sony A7RII and decided it was finally time. The camera is phenomenal, and much better than I expected in handling my Voigtlander lenses. The color shift on my Nex-7 was insane, especially on overcast days or in the snow. This doesn’t seem to have the issue, or or at least not to the extent of the Nex-7.

Taking it out for a spin this week, so hopefully I will have some more photos to post. This was just around the apartment while I was getting everything set up. There are a lot of options for custom shooting modes and navigation/buttons, so there will be a break in process until I find what workflow is best for me.

I also finally got the fenders on my Raleigh Competition (pictured below from my old Nex-7). It was a process. The frame wasn’t even meant for 700x25c tires, and the fenders weren’t meant for the 1.5″ wide tires so I stretched out the fenders a bit. Cut some bolts down as well because the clearance couldn’t take it.

Raleigh Competition RacingUSA with 555sl tubing.
  • VO Fenders
  • VO Constructeur Front Rack
  • Acorn Bag/Tool Roll
  • XS Timbuk2 Snoop Camera Insert inside Acorn Bag
  • VO 650B Wheels Build Locally (Bike didn’t have clearance for 700×25 tires, so stepped it down)
  • Paul Skewers
  • 2x King Cages
  • 1.5″ Gravel Kings

Loving it.

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