2019 Summer and Fall Wrap Up

I have been slacking when it comes to posting on my blog, but i had a fun trip this weekend up north to pick up a touring bike for Sara. We ended up swinging by Duluth for a couple hours, mostly for food and to say, “Hi” to Lake Superior.

Fall in Minnesota

Here are some other photos I should have posted a long while back. Fall was absolutely gorgeous, albeit short this year.

Minneapolis Landmarks

Sara started a new job, so I used the route to swing by downtown and Gold Medal Park quite a few times. Got some sweet shots. These were mostly cropped for instagram, hence the squares.

Fat Bike = Too Big

Found a sweeeet deal on a fatbike. Turns out the bike is way too big (XL), but it looks sweet and is a blast to ride. Here are some very promo-esque shots I took on my Birthday.

Marquette, MI

Saw a big fish. Stood in a big fish. Rode Bromptons around. It was rad. If you are ever in Marquette, check out Velodrome Coffee. It was really good.


Saw this hawk on the walk to Spyhouse one morning.

Rad Skateboarding Photos

Between Open Streets and the x-games in town, there were plenty of skateboard shots to be made. One day, someone will be taking photos of my gnar gnar skills. I can ollie about an inch, so…soon.

Probably missed a bunch; I may update later.

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