New Bike – All City – Gorilla Monsoon

Welp, the fatbike was too big, just like my previous winter bike. Now I have a bike with smaller tires, but still plenty good for the winter.

Style and Fenders

Threw some fenders on, new thru-axle from Wolf-Tooth, some fun spacers (also WT), Thomson stem/seatpost, and some blinged out Hope pedals. Absolutely amazing ride. Pluuuuuush.

All-City Gorilla Monsoon @BdeMakaSka
Pluuuuuush ride.


  • Swap out rack for Velo Orange Campeur Front
  • Add little Swift Industries Sugar Loaf bag
  • Add rear rack (undecided)
  • Add saddle bag
  • Swap out bars?
  • Add bell

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