Author: Matt Sandy

Indoor Photography

With the whole coronavirus situation, now seemed like a good time to invest in some equipment for better indoor photography.

Here is a photo using 3 artificial light sources

Downtown has been pretty desolate, making social distancing easier than riding on the paths or walking around the parks near me.

Of course, we still have been making the pilgrimage to Lake of the Isles.

New Bike – All City – Gorilla Monsoon

Welp, the fatbike was too big, just like my previous winter bike. Now I have a bike with smaller tires, but still plenty good for the winter.

Style and Fenders

Threw some fenders on, new thru-axle from Wolf-Tooth, some fun spacers (also WT), Thomson stem/seatpost, and some blinged out Hope pedals. Absolutely amazing ride. Pluuuuuush.

All-City Gorilla Monsoon @BdeMakaSka
Pluuuuuush ride.


  • Swap out rack for Velo Orange Campeur Front
  • Add little Swift Industries Sugar Loaf bag
  • Add rear rack (undecided)
  • Add saddle bag
  • Swap out bars?
  • Add bell

2019 Summer and Fall Wrap Up

I have been slacking when it comes to posting on my blog, but i had a fun trip this weekend up north to pick up a touring bike for Sara. We ended up swinging by Duluth for a couple hours, mostly for food and to say, “Hi” to Lake Superior.

Fall in Minnesota

Here are some other photos I should have posted a long while back. Fall was absolutely gorgeous, albeit short this year.

Minneapolis Landmarks

Sara started a new job, so I used the route to swing by downtown and Gold Medal Park quite a few times. Got some sweet shots. These were mostly cropped for instagram, hence the squares.

Fat Bike = Too Big

Found a sweeeet deal on a fatbike. Turns out the bike is way too big (XL), but it looks sweet and is a blast to ride. Here are some very promo-esque shots I took on my Birthday.

Marquette, MI

Saw a big fish. Stood in a big fish. Rode Bromptons around. It was rad. If you are ever in Marquette, check out Velodrome Coffee. It was really good.


Saw this hawk on the walk to Spyhouse one morning.

Rad Skateboarding Photos

Between Open Streets and the x-games in town, there were plenty of skateboard shots to be made. One day, someone will be taking photos of my gnar gnar skills. I can ollie about an inch, so…soon.

Probably missed a bunch; I may update later.

Snowcapped Fall

This was just a gorgeous view of Minneapolis. There was a light dusting of snow in the morning while the trees were still turning colors for fall.

Arizona/Colorado Drive

Went down to Arizona for my birthday and made a drive up to Colorado with my mom and Sara to see my little brother. There are some really beautiful areas of northern Arizona and Colorado, and I was able to test out a new lens I picked up.

I used to have a 10-20mm lens on my crop Pentax DSLR from Sigma that I really liked, and mostly kept at the wide focal length. I decided I should pick up one for my new Sony A7RII, and went with the Voigtlander Super Wide Heliar 15mm f/4.5 M Mount Aspherical III Lens. They sent me the E Mount, and I decided to just keep it, since that auto magnification when focusing feature is nice. Missing out on close focus, but I probably won’t need it.

Southern Colorado
Southern Colorado

Panorama of Southern Colorado
Panorama of Southern Colorado


Smokey Sunsets

Minneapolis (probably all of Minnesota) has been been experiencing very different sunsets as a result of the wildfires in Canada. It is incredible that wildfires as far away as Canada can affect the sunsets here. People have still been getting out and exercising, but to a lesser extent.

Sara and I walked down to Lake of the Isles to see this incredible orange ball fading into the smoke. The sun didn’t set on the horizon, but instead faded behind the smoke way before the horizon.

Kenosha to Minneapolis

Sara and I made it back to Minneapolis. Thankfully there are some good stops along the way. First we swung by Madison, WI for Cheeba Hut. This is a must to anyone making the drive from Minneapolis to Milwaukee, Madison, Chicago, etc. They have the best sandwiches, and grabbing a goo-ball is a must.

Next up was Lacrosse. The Root Note in Lacrosse, WI is a really great coffee shop. It has a very distinct feel and delicious crepes.

The Root Note in Lacrosse, WI

Sadly we missed the crepes this time, so make sure to plan accordingly when making the trip. I had a nice iced chai (my usual) and sequestered some of the cold brew Sara ordered.

These stops really make the drive a lot more tolerable. Driving straight through is a lot of hours, but breaking it up into minor destinations is really helpful. Plus, good food.

The camera held up really well, but I still have a lot of learning to do. The shot above was taken in JPEG, not RAW. Whoops. Still usable, and highlights/shadows were still compressed nicely leaving room for editing.

New Camera (Sony A7RII)

Found a great deal on a used Sony A7RII and decided it was finally time. The camera is phenomenal, and much better than I expected in handling my Voigtlander lenses. The color shift on my Nex-7 was insane, especially on overcast days or in the snow. This doesn’t seem to have the issue, or or at least not to the extent of the Nex-7.

Taking it out for a spin this week, so hopefully I will have some more photos to post. This was just around the apartment while I was getting everything set up. There are a lot of options for custom shooting modes and navigation/buttons, so there will be a break in process until I find what workflow is best for me.

I also finally got the fenders on my Raleigh Competition (pictured below from my old Nex-7). It was a process. The frame wasn’t even meant for 700x25c tires, and the fenders weren’t meant for the 1.5″ wide tires so I stretched out the fenders a bit. Cut some bolts down as well because the clearance couldn’t take it.

Raleigh Competition RacingUSA with 555sl tubing.

  • VO Fenders
  • VO Constructeur Front Rack
  • Acorn Bag/Tool Roll
  • XS Timbuk2 Snoop Camera Insert inside Acorn Bag
  • VO 650B Wheels Build Locally (Bike didn’t have clearance for 700×25 tires, so stepped it down)
  • Paul Skewers
  • 2x King Cages
  • 1.5″ Gravel Kings

Loving it.