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Best Week Ever

Story time for future Matt. On the 15th of this month I headed to California to see about a girl.

While at Fyf Fest Fran introduced someone named Sunshine in a pleasantly diabolical scheme to provide me with a reason to move to California. She did freelance design work and had a sweet smile. It seems Fran knew of my weaknesses; her plan was set in motion.

Now it is the 15th and I am at the Greyhound station. First step in seeing Sunny again. The bus got in late, so Fran and Ryan let me stay with them. Fran, of course, was laughing maniacally. In the morning I set out toward my final destination, but not before grabbing breakfast with Fran and Ryan. Journeys are fueled by French toast and milkshakes after all.

Sunny met me near the strain station with Pippi, her dog. It was an adorable sight, seeing her walk up that way… and was the perfect start for the best week ever. The days blended together… with cuddles, conversations,  and short walks. Her friends and family came over for her birthday, and anyone can tell they all love her. Waking up to a smile from someone you have completely fallen for is wonderful.


There is a lot more to this story, as with most good tales. Regardless of where the story ends, I am happy for any part existing.

Up Late

I have realized writing at night isn’t my strong suite, so this is me working on correcting my poor night-owl writing skills. I figured this would be a good time to write about my day with Norman.

We finally saw Scott Pilgrim vs. the World which was AMAZING! Before the movie went over to Green to pick up some delicious food and soynamis. We ran into a couple people Norman knew who we shared a table with for our meals. Rewind just a bit more and I biked over 12 miles in 103F weather with only one stop at a Jamba Juice because I am a badass. I did however get a headache from the combination of sugar and ridiculous temperatures, so my ride home was not nearly as fun. Here is why I suck at writing this late, my mind jumps around…

So after we saw that amazing movie we saw, we headed over to see on of Norman’s friends who is a certified bartender which I think Norman is happy about. We sat around, looked up youtube videos, and thought of ways to convert plain, boring, fountains into illuminated ones. We ended up deciding that would be too hard as not all of the chemicals work well with water. That would have been epic though. The one downer is Norman and I saw a lady rear end a truck and then drive off. I let the driver know when he came out that some lady rear ended him, and gave the best description I could as well as a partial plate. I can’t believe some people sometimes. Anyhow, the ride home started at around 1:30am and by 2:30 I was home and wanting to just go to bed. I ended up leaving my lemonade in my bag because I just couldn’t deal with putting it in the fridge.

Awesome friends, awesome movie, intense 25 miles of riding. Also, pumpkin jamba juices are back.

Crap Day

Ex showed up unannounced to get her stuff and she didn’t even pick up her plant that she has guilt tripped me into watering for the past month. Went for a ride, got a flat, broke a tire lever, broke my pump (at 50psi no less). To top it off the work server turned off while I was working on it and my boss was out of town. What a craptastic day that was. My boss is out of town until 8th, so hopefully I can have the project done before he gets back and can get to Chicago by Sunday. Not sure if that is how the events will unfold, especially considering my recent luck. I guess I will just try to get my project done and see what happens from there. First I need to get a new tire, tube, and pump though. Either the patch didn’t hold or I didn’t find what punctured it, but my tire went flat today again while sitting in the corner.


I haven’t updated in a while, but I should be keeping track of my life more. Meghan (now ex) cheated on me June 13th. The date is easy to recall, because it happened the night we got back from seeing The Mountain Goats in Iowa. I found out a week or so later, was pretty pissed and still am. Realizing someone is not a good person helps you get over them though, so that is a good thing. It is amazing how selfish people can be, especially after you give them everything and support them for a fucking year. Oh yeah, I have been using obscenities more, as I figure they fit well in my current situation.

I have been planning a bike ride, but need to get some work out of the way before I leave. My coastal tour has been canceled though, Meghan ruined that for me as well by not helping me save… and actually draining me by not helping with rent or groceries for basically the last year. I will still ride my bike though, and coastal tour next year I suppose. Hopefully around the 7th I will leave for Chicago, and then from Chicago I will head to Boulder and Denver for a couple days and then off to Flagstaff and Phoenix. I got sick which put me behind with work. Oh, I got sick because I let Meghan spend the night on the couch while she was sick and had no where else to go (so she says). I basically was used for a year and a half… and I hate myself for letting that happen.

Anyhow, here is a photo I took a day or two ago with my new point and shoot that I hope to use for my bike trip…

wooden staircase
wooden staircase

Canon has some weird processing to jpegs, but I am working around it.

This is better

Finally, a nice clean layout. I will probably start updating again on the 18th (Next Sunday) after my project finally released. I will still have work to do on it, statistics and user management stuff, but it will be running which is what is needed. This entry is just to get me motivated for this weekend to whip up a batch of awesome code. This project is not my music site, although that is coming along as well. I have some pretty awesome things ahead for this summer. No new photos yet, that will also come later this month hopefully. I have been a bit of a recluse due to my work, but after this project is done I should be back to normal and once again biking a few hours a day or so. It does feel good to bike, flying down the road powered by a milkshake and keeping up with traffic. I am a bit slower than I used to be, but that shouldn’t take long to fix.

The Life of the Wold to Come

So The Mountain Goats released a new album (The Life of the Wold to Come) recently and so far it is great.

In eBay purchases, I picked up a sewing machine so I can make some amazing custom panniers for my bicycle and maybe start a side-project selling them. The machine should be able to go through leather and suede fine, it is supposedly commercial grade.

Singer CG-590
Singer CG-590 from eBay

I have been also thinking of my switch to Canon which I will eventually do. I can’t seem to part with a couple of my old Pentax lenses though, nor can I invest in Canon prime lenses without selling my soul. I decided that for my zoom I should probably just pick up an old Takumar (not super-multi-coated) and use that until I can afford a really nice zoom. That way I don’t invest too much on something that will get replaced down the road and I won’t have to go without a telephoto either.

Takumar 135mm f/2.5
Takumar 135mm f/2.5 I got for $40

So after I sell a ridiculous amount of lenses I should be able to have this lineup:

  • Sigma 10-20mm f/3.5
  • Sigma 30mm f/1.4
  • Pentax 50mm f/1.4
  • Takumar 135mm f/2.5
  • Maaaaybe the Canon 85mm f/1.8

Eventually I will want to get either the 70-200mm f/4 USM IS Canon lens or the f/2.8 non-IS Canon, and of course the 135mm f/2 Canon L lens will be down the road as well to replace the Takumar. It is nervwrecking switching camera brands after so long, but I feel Canon will keep putting out more professional lineups instead of prosumer lineups like Pentax is doing.

On The Highway

I am sitting by the highway watching cars pass while Meghan is getting her teeth cleaned. Pretty nice day, the clouds are out but the weather is still warm.

Thank You

Thank you for stumbling onto my site.

I run and (my photography page). I plan on using this to post my current layout ideas, javascript enhancements, web games, photography, and whatever else may come my way that I find interesting.

Many of my posts will be in relation to photography, as that is my current concentration. I am working on a game of connect4 using javascript and php that is coming along nicely and will be playable over the internet. Right now its home will be on this server, but hopefully I will find a better home for it. The link will be posted when I am finished with final touches.