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Honda Twinstar

I took a walk to the Global Market and saw this beautiful looking Honda Twinstar amongst the fallen leaves. I am going to miss fall, but I suspect winter will bring some beauty to capture as well.

Hanging Out in Kenosha, WI

Amazing looking landscape just before the lake.
Sara by the lake.
Waving from Afar.
Climbing without trepidation.
Lighthouse in the Distance
Walking toward the lake.

Hanging out in Kenosha

Minneapolis Through a Pentax 67

My Bicycle by Lake Calhoun

Bumming around Minneapolis on my bicycle with some film.

Getting some fall shots off before winter hits.
Someone set this up in the front yard of a church in Powderhorn Park.
My bicycle. My steed.

Hope to have more photos ready in about a week.


Hugo, MN

Dropping off some film tomorrow, but in the meantime here is a phone pic from this week along the Sunset Prairie Trial.

Breaks a vector into defined segment lengths

Another gist written for stack overflow. This breaks up a vector defined lengths and accounts for the remainder size. Great for splitting up a vector for saving into different files. It is a loop, but any performance issues should be minimal and increases readability/extendability.

Find Patterns in R Vector

Wrote this while providing a solution on Stack Overflow. Figured it might actually come in handy so I saved it. Not the most elegant, and not vectorized, but it might be useful to others as well.